Plaster cornice repairs

Plaster Cornice Repairs

When the time comes for you to contact a Plaster cornice repairs expert, contact
a reputable plaster expert to replace or repair your damaged cornice,

Here to help you get it right.We have repaired and restored more than four decades worth of
fibrous plasterwork and have completed a catalogue of demanding tough plastering jobs in the UK.
Having a good understanding of plaster moulds and knowing the importance of preserving
the decorative features of your property.

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If the damaged parts of your cornice or plaster mould needs repair or even replacement, then we can reproduce
any plaster cast you need, whether it is a ceiling rose restoration, a decorative ceiling design or a conventional plaster mould.
Fibrous Plastic Mouldings provide excellent plaster cornice repairs in London and would be glad to be of service to you.
Our dedicated and skilled experts will stop at nothing to ensure world-class plaster coving renovation at competitive prices.

Plaster cornice repairs are our business.

Our experience in plaster cornice repairs

Following our decades of experience, we have the expertise to restore the architectural and aesthetic integrity of your cornices.
We want to help make your room look stylish and elegant again, and we’ll use our skills to bring your plaster cornice back to shape.
Having served thousands of happy customers in London and its surroundings,
handling a wide array of plaster cornice repairs bearing different designs.
We have the tools, experience and expertise to complete the task to your satisfaction.

We replicate your original design

Is your original cornice broken and you’re wondering where you’ll find the same pattern?
Not a problem; that’s our work.
Just take a photo of the cornice and email it to us, we will reply back with the idea and cost.
Having worked with thousands of designs in the past, we are well-skilled when it comes to matching the designs.
After fitting it, you won’t even notice the difference between your original cornice and the restored parts.

Fibrous Plaster Mouldings being made in the workshop, Plaster cornice repairs are our business.

Reliable craftsmen

Having repaired plaster coving for thousands of customers in London for the last 40 years
we do not receive complaints from our customers.
The reason is we only work with the dedicated and meticulous craftsmen who take care of every detail
to create an intricate and first-class finish.
We carefully vet the craftsmen we hire to ensure they are adept, well-trained,
dedicated, and professional. Our craftsmen are reliable and insured as well;
therefore, you can trust them to carry out repairs on your property.

You may need plaster coving repairs if you’re building an extension, removing a chimney breast
refurbishing your existing house, repairing your home due to flood damage, or creating a new room.
Your new plaster coving should resemble that of the original building.
Whichever the reason, our craftsmen will complete the project excellently, and following your exact requirements.

Plaster cornice repairs by fibrous plaster mouldings

We are flexible

Working to ensure that our service aligns with your personal needs.
For example, if your cornice needs repair or replacement, we would handle it, but first, we would like to know
whether you need us to stick to the original cornice design or switch to something different.
Besides, we’ll discuss with you to understand which day and time are suitable for our team to come to your premises
and carry on with the project.

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You can talk to us today at Fibrous Plastic Mouldings by calling 0203 633 6778