Our manufacturing workshop is fully equipped to reproduce any fibrous plaster moulding you require
The enthusiasm of our staff shows in every piece of ornate fibrous plaster moulding we make
Our commitment is given to every plaster moulding we produce

You are invited directly into the centre of our workshop manufacturing process
Look inside and we will reveal how we practice in the traditional skills and craftsmanship
of ornate, ornamental fibrous plaster mouldings

Manufacturing plaster mouldings to customer requirements

Manufacturing designer mouldings, that can be easily tailored to suit your personal look and requirements

Whether you’re an architect designer, contractor or private home owner
We are confident that we have the plasterwork service for you

Dedicated to the art, design and production of plaster decoration and are immersed
in the classical skills of traditional craftsmanship

Continuing to provide fine English plasterwork with a passion that grows with every new project

Manufacturing to our customers exact plaster moulding requirements

Workshop Services

Holding a vast collection of authentic architectural plaster mouldings
Individually hand cast within our English plaster workshop
Off-the-shelf products can be integrated seamlessly into your project, giving the look and feel
of the tailored bespoke finish you sought

Order from our stock range or use our custom made orders and restoration services
We have the workshop to fulfill any expectations

Manufacturing to our customer requirements however specific


Our commitment is guaranteed

Commision us to rejuvenate, repair or reproduce your fibrous plaster mouldings
Our team is second to none and we have the experience to achieve all you may require
Years of skilled workmanship has given us the ability to produce quality results every time
Never failing to achieve feedback that you would expect from a professional company
The manufacturing process is all in house, you are welcome to visit if required.
Keeping the manufacturing process within our grasp gives us complete control
You will only receive the very best in manufacturing, customer care and installation