Cornice Restoration London

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Cornice Restoration London

Fibrous Plaster Mouldings Ltd offer a complete specialist service for cornice restoration London
We are able to restore any properties cornice/coving back to its original appearance.
Ceiling roses and other plaster mouldings can also be restored with this service.
It is particularly good when we come across mouldings that have had their cornice/coving covered
with layers of paint, over the years.

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Making the detail of the plaster mouldings very difficult to see.
Carefully our team of craftsmen will saturate a paint thinning chemical, known as peel away onto the cornice/coving, moulding.
Once set it will skillfully be removed, taking the layers of paint away and start to restore the plaster work back to its original look.
The cornice restoration team always achieve excellent results.

Recent projects carried out in have had excellent success, the original cornice was severely covered with paint,
successfully removing the paint to get quality results.

Cornice restoration LondonFinished Cornice restoration works in Londonfinishing Cornice restoration London

London Coving Repairs

We repair any cornice/coving that has been chipped, cracked or damaged due to water damage, leaks, building works etc.
We often come across repair work where the cornice above has been deemed unsafe by the client or property owner and a cornice restoration London team member will carefully correct all of these problems and leave you with first class results.

Should you need a cornice restoration London survey, Fibrous Plaster Mouldings will offer a Match to existing service.
We can take profiles or design ideas from our customers and replicate them to their preference.
This type of service can be essential in particular period homes where the original cornice needs to be replicated exactly.
Our experienced and high quality team are able to manufacture this service in very reasonable time depending on the volume and style of the mouldings, our mouldings team can produce exceptional work.

A highly experienced plastering company in London.
Offering a large range of plaster products.

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Any cornice restoration London works are the reason you will call Fibrous Plaster Mouldings.
Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian and more, all are hand-crafted with exceptional detail and craftsmanship.
Fibrous Plaster Mouldings are well known for quality work and fine collection of cornice / coving across London.


Regent st works cornice restoration London

With works being carried out in Westminster, Mayfair, Chelsea, Fulham, Knightsbridge
Fibrous plaster mouldings can offer you any coving or cornice repairs London



Working in classic London areas: Harley St, Regent, St, Oxford St.
Fibrous Plaster Mouldings repair service is second to none.
Cornice restoration London

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